BMW Service

BMW Service | Motoring SpecialistsThe German engineering that has gone into creating the BMW vehicle took decades to perfect. When you need BMW service or repair, not just any service shop will do. You need one that is going to have the correct diagnostic equipment, metrics and experience with these performance cars. The technicians at Motoring Specialists can repair your xDrive, M-series, i-series or sDrive as efficiently as the car was originally made. We stock OEM and approved replacement parts, and we already know where to go to get special parts so you never have to wait long to get your BMW back on the road.

Many of the BMW service or repair work that comes to Motoring Specialists could have been spotted earlier during the scheduled maintenance and service check. BMW has a schedule of services that need to be performed to keep the engine and drive suspension at peak performance. These schedules are not just based on the mileage age of the car, but the driving environment of the car. In and around Vacaville, your car is exposed to different levels of stress than the highway and that can lead to special stresses on the suspension and engine system.

Call Motoring Specialists to set up an appointment for your BMW service or repair at our convenient Vacaville location. Once it is complete, get on a regular schedule of service and maintenance with us so we can keep your BMW at its best. Our certified technicians will spot problems before they lead to performance failure which can save you money.