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Brake Repair

Make your next appointment for Brake Repair at Motoring Specialists and you won’t be disappointed. Our technicians do more than just reset warning lights and change pads, they will inspect your whole braking system. Don’t worry if you are having a sporadic problem, our Certified Technicians won’t dismiss what you say is happening, we will carefully look for the cause.

The braking system in modern cars is much more complicated than it used to be. These days, most cars use on-board computer technology to regulate the safety systems and your brakes are integrated with your airbags and other safety devices. If one thing goes wrong, it may not be immediately apparent but may show itself in an intermittent problem with the brakes pulling, sticking or even a brake light not responding as it should. During your Brake Repair appointment, we will visually inspect every aspect of your brake system and ask you questions to help us determine the type of driving stress your car may have been under. Many times, the stress of a long vacation trip can cause brake wires to loosen at their connection point. Our Brake Repair Technicians look for the real answer, not the most convenient one.

Call and make an appointment for your next Brake Repair at Motoring Specialists today. We are conveniently located in Vacaville and offer appointments and service hours that make it easy to fit car care into your schedule. We have a large stock of OEM and approved Brake Repair parts on site, so you will never wait long for your car.