How to Protect Your Car from the Sun

Extreme heat and sun can wreak havoc on your car. From your paint to your dash—even your skin can feel the sizzle from a metal seatbelt clasp! Protecting your vehicle from these harsh temperatures and extreme UV rays will ensure your investment stays picture perfect. Let’s look at how to protect your car from the sun!
Your Dash
To protect your dash, start by cleaning the surface with a microfiber towel—preferably a couple of times. You want to opt for a low gloss product that won’t create unwanted glare or cause dashboard fixtures to become sticky. If you’re driving a luxury car such as a Mercedes, VW, or BMW, contact a specialized Repair Shop in Vacaville to find out what products will be best. Apply in thin layers with a towel to ensure proper application. Once you’ve applied the desire amount, use a clean towel to soak up any excess product. Never spray product directly on your controls, steering wheel or screen surfaces. Not letting too much product dry on the dash is key. Let sit for ten minutes then rub down once more with a clean microfiber cloth.

Your Leather Seats
The best technique for preserving leather seats to keep them out of direct sunlight when you’re not driving. Obviously, this isn’t always an option. Windshield sun blockers will go a long way in preserving your seat’s longevity as well. Regular maintenance such as applying a protective leather conditioner to your seats will restore the leather’s natural oils for optimum beauty and elegance. A friendly and knowledgeable Vacaville Mechanic can advise you which products are best for your vehicle. Squirt a generous amount of leather conditioner onto a cotton wiping cloth. You want a residual layer left on the seats once you’ve finished. This will soak in completely and saturate the leather. Drying time is dependent on humidity. If you don’t have a cotton wiping cloth, opt for an old tee shirt before turning to paper towels. Paper towels are ultimately made out of wood and cause minute scratches that will add up and take life out of your seats. Crack your windows if you must leave your vehicle in the sun. The temperate outside may be 80, but the pressure inside the vehicle can climb up to 110 degrees. This will save your leather from looking like it’s been through an Easy Bake Oven!

Your Paint
Great looking paint comes from proactive maintenance. Wash your car often. This will remove scratchy grime and corrosive pollutants that create micro scratches. If you have tough stuck on deposits, don’t scratch them off. Instead opt for an auto detailing clay bar to remove these nuisances without pitting your paint. Dry your car after washing. Mineral deposits left from the water can dull and even damage your paint. Ultimately, waxing remains the most effective way to keep your paint looking new. By waxing, you’re putting a protective layer between your paint and the dust, grime, and sun trying to dull it. If you have the displeasure of a nasty scratch or pit marring your trusted vehicle, address the issue before rust becomes into the picture. Bring it over to a local Vacaville Mechanic to find out the best solution. It may be simpler than you think!
Attention to detail and preventative maintenance will protect your vehicle and ultimately your investment. The better you maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle, the more you may get in trade-in or resale value and the more pride you'll have in the meantime.


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