MPG Advice

Do you cringe every time you arrive at the gas pumps and see how much it’s going to hurt your wallet to fill up this time? There are some ways that you can add some extra miles to the gallons of fuel your vehicle consumes. Some ways require you to purchase something to help your car out, while others ways are simple driving tips, either of which will have significant long term effects.

Figures from the Car Care Council state that almost 1 out of every 5 vehicles today either has a faulty gas cap or not even one at all. Gas caps are designed to seal the fuel system and if it is not able to perform that function, then you are losing gas through evaporation.

Tire pressure plays a significant role in how much work your car must do to keep its speed up.
Under-inflated tires hold your car back and cause you to use more fuel to maintain a certain speed. Your ASE certified mechanic in Vacaville can check your tire pressure for you.

Engines are designed to have a very precise mixture of air to fuel for optimum efficiency. When the air filter becomes clogged, it doesn’t allow the correct amount of air in, wasting fuel and robbing your engine of power. Replacing your air filter can add as much as 10% to your miles per gallon.

In addition to replacing and maintaining components, modifying your driving habits can supplement your fuel economy. Aggressive driving habits hinder the efficiency that your car is capable of. It is possible to lower fuel consumption by as much as 5% with city driving, and upwards of 30% with highway driving. If you can plan out your errands so that you can do them all in one trip, that will help out as well.


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