Vacaville Auto Repair Tips: Fluids, What They Do, & Why You Need Them

You’ll get the most from your car when it has fresh, healthy fluids in its systems to keep them running smoothly. Not replacing or flushing fluids could mean thousands in auto repair, but you can prevent this by constantly monitoring them to ensure your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible. Every system in your vehicle requires a different fluid. Here’s a breakdown of five vital fluids your car needs to stay healthy:

Oil –The “lifeblood” of your vehicle, oil reduces friction in your engine’s hundreds of moving parts. The roads can be tough in Vacaville, and having a mechanic perform regular oil changes can save you lots of cash throughout the life of your car.

Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid lubricates your vehicle’s gears, allowing your engine to shift smoothly. Debris, dirt, and metal shavings get caught in transmission fluid over time causing it to turn from a pinkish color to a dark brown. Dirty transmission fluid eats at your system and will lead to a hefty repair bill if not taken care of!

Brake Fluid – A complex hydraulics system allows your brakes to function, and a part called a master cylinder pumps brake fluid so you can stop. The longer brake fluid is left in your vehicle, the more susceptible to moisture it becomes. This leads to loss of braking power and possibly an accident.

Power Steering – Hydraulics in your power steering system make maneuvering even large cars simple. However, when power steering systems go out, it becomes a battle just to pull off to the side of the road. Power steering fluid keeps this system operational so you can turn your vehicle with ease.

Coolant – Coolant absorbs heat from the engine, allowing it to dissipate through the radiator. With a high boiling point and low freezing point, coolant compensates for the extreme temperatures your engine will experience.


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