Vacaville Auto Repair Tips: Winter Maintenance

You should be in the routine of taking your car to an ASE-Certified auto repair shop near Vacaville for preventing maintenance every three months.

But that doesn’t mean you can slack on your vehicle’s maintenance in between this time! That’s why we’ve put together this handy list so you can check something on your vehicle every day of the week. It’ll just take a few minutes for each item, we promise!

Monday Morning: Tire Pressure

When your tires have correct tire pressure, you’ll get a better grip on the road AND your fuel economy will improve. We recommend buying a tire pressure gauge and checking the owner’s manual for the exact pressure your tires should be at. Before taking off, check all 4 tires to ensure they have correct pressure. If any of them are low, all it takes is a quick stop at a gas station air pump to fill up your tires.

Tuesday Morning: Wiper Blades

Old windshield wiper blades aren’t good to anyone. Perform a quick visual inspection of your blades by pulling the arm away and looking at the condition of the material. If you find dings and dents in on the blade, it would probably be worth it to stop at a local auto repair shop in Vacaville to get a new pair. They’re inexpensive, and your morning commute will be that much clearer!

Wednesday Morning: Check your Oil

Engine oil is perhaps the most important fluid in your vehicle. Its job is to lubricate the hundreds of moving parts in your engine that allow your car to move. Low oil levels quickly translate into irreversible damage that could cost you thousands! With a towel of some sort handy, find the “OIL” dipstick under your hood and pull it out. It will tell you at what level your oil is at and what is too much/too little. If it’s low, stop by an auto repair shop in Vacaville right away—every mile means more damage to your vehicle!

Thursday Morning: Check Headlights, Taillights

Before leaving Thursday morning, turn the key in your car so the lights turn on but your engine doesn’t. Then take a walk around your car and look for burned out headlights. We also recommend checking the blinkers and the brake lights, though you may need a friend to help out with that.

Friday: Take Out the Trash

We’ve saved the easiest for last. A buildup of trash can appear out of nowhere, so before heading to work or school clear out the trash that’s built up in the cabin. A clean car not only looks better—it feels better, too!

Should you have other issues or concerns with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call immediately!


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